KYDZ Suite® Hub - A-height

Item: 1502JCA  |  $99.20

The KYDZ Suite Hub is central to creating your own space, you can attach items at eight different 45angle increments. Match to other KYDZ Suite A-Height (35.5" tall) items including Panels, Stabilizer Wings and more. Bottom has slip-resistant rubber stopper. Wooden dowel is made using hard Maple with KYDZTuff finish. Top and bottom connector hubs are made from molded nylon for superior strength. Wooden top cap screws on with friction fit rubber gasket to tightly secure the hub in place. Patent Pending.

Dimensions: 35.5" High x 3" Wide x 3" Deep

Weight: 4 lbs.

This item is not available in other brands.


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Compare with other options below. Click item number to view product details.

Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
1502JCS S-Height 48.5" 3" 3" 4 lbs. $117.80
1502JCA A-Height 35.5" 3" 3" 4 lbs. $99.20
1502JCE E-Height 29.5" 3" 3" 4 lbs. $99.20
1502JCT T-Height 24.5" 3" 3" 3 lbs. $99.20