KYDZ Suite® Filler Plate- 18" Deep Unit

Item: 1565JC  |  $37.50

Use KYDZ Suite Filler Plate to fill 18" deep spaces between two pieces of Jonti-Craft furniture and two KYDZ Suite Hubs. Creates a flush, attractive surface. Baltic Birch plywood treated with KYDZTuff finish. Fits 18" deep furniture and all Hub heights.

Dimensions: 3" High x 0.25" Wide x 18" Deep

Weight: 1 lbs.

This item is not available in other brands.


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Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
1563JC 12" deep unit 3" 0.25" 12" 1lb. $37.50
1564JC 15" deep unit 3" 0.25" 15" 1lb. $37.50
1565JC 18" deep unit 3" 0.25" 18" 1lb. $37.50