KYDZ Suite® Upper Deck Divider - Magnetic Write-n-Wipe

Item: 1580JCTMG  |  $487.30

Increase functionality of a Jonti-Craft storage unit and two matching Hubs by adding a KYDZ Suite Upper Deck Divider. Includes Upper Deck Hubs, hardware, and the 48" Panel. One side is Magnetic Write-n-Wipe for ultimate functionality, the other side is KYDZTuff finished hardboard. Requires a 48" wide storage unit with two 1592JC tab kits and two Hubs (also 1599JC Immobilizer Blocks if the storage unit is mobile). When paired with a 24.5 high storage unit and 1502JCT Hubs, the Upper Deck Hubs can be connected directly to an S-Height Panel without the need of a Cascade Panel. Recommend pairing with Stabilizer Wings. Use the top cap from the Lower Hubs for the Upper Deck Hubs.

Dimensions: 24.5" High x 53" Wide x 2.5" Deep

Weight: 24 lbs.

This item is not available in other brands.


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Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
1580JCTMG Magnetic Write-n-Wipe 24.5" 53" 2.5" 24 lbs. $487.30
1580JCTMR Mirror 24.5" 53" 2.5" 18 lbs. $487.30
1580JCTPL See-Thru 24.5" 53" 2.5" 18 lbs. $487.30
1580JCTPW Plywood 24.5" 53" 2.5" 18 lbs. $399.50
1580JCTWW Write-n-Wipe 24.5" 53" 2.5" 18 lbs. $399.50