Jonti-Craft® Science Lab System - 6 Piece Set

Item: 6959JC  |  $1,059.90

Create a place full of learning and exploring with this science kit. Speciman Lab - Create a speciman lab for kids to inspect and observe up to eleven different items at a time. Perfect for growing seedlings and learning about the life cycle of plants. The removable tray makes it easy to take items out to inspect and replace for safe keeping. Eleven cups with lids are included. Exploration Lab - Experiment with liquids or fill with dirt and plants to create an eco-system in this removable cubbie-tray. Magnifying Lab - Explore the world of small objects in a big way! This lab features dual 3x magnifiers so kids can get a close up look at the little things! Tactile Lab - No peeking! Help children learn to explore with their hands only with this tactile lab. Place items of varying textures inside to let kids learn about the touch sense. Magnetic Lab - Children can identify magnetic and non-magnetic objects on one side of this lab. On the reverse side, they can also test their skills by using a magnet to guide a steel ball through a maze. Plus the Science Lab Cart to hold all five Labs and move around from space to space.

  • Caster mounted for mobility

Dimensions: 43" High x 19.5" Wide x 12" Deep

Weight: 70 lbs.

This item is not available in other brands.


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Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
6959JC 6 Piece System 43" 19.5" 12" 70 lbs. $1,059.90
6961JC Garden/Specimen Lab 9.5" 19.5" 12" 12 lbs. $249.20
6963JC Magnifying Lab 9.5" 19.5" 12" 12 lbs. $243.30
6966JC Magnetic Lab - 2 Sided 2.5" 19.5" 12" 13 lbs. $201.00
6964JC Tactile Lab 9.5" 19.5" 12" 12 lbs. $164.20
6962JC Exploration Lab 9.5" 19.5" 12" 12 lbs. $132.20
6965JC Science Lab Cart 3.5" 19.5" 12" 9 lbs. $70.00