KYDZ Suite® Welcome Gate with Arch - Tall - 84" High - E, A, or S-Height

Item: 1553JC  |  $928.20

Tall archway provides character to any KYDZ Suite space. Gate entrance is 32" wide and 80" tall for wheelchair accessibility (meets ADA Guidelines) and includes aluminum threshold for exceptional stability. Constructed from hard Maple treated with KYDZTuff finish. Gate latch placed on outside for safety. Connect to E-Height Hubs (29.5" high), A-Height Hubs (35.5" high), or S-Height Hubs (48.5" high).

  • KYDZSafe

  • KYDZTuff

  • Connects to other KYDZ Suite® and Jonti-Craft® products

  • Ready-to-Assemble

Dimensions: 84" High x 39.5" Wide x 5" Deep

Weight: 38 lbs.

This item is not available in other brands.


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Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
1553JC E or A Height 84" 39.5" 5" 38 lbs. $928.20


Number Description Height Width Depth Weight Price
1502JCS Hub - S-height 48.5" 3" 3" 4 lbs. $117.80